Noosa Chocolate Factory

The Noosa Chocolate Factory is Brisbanes best Chocolate destination, with a range of freshly chocolate coated Australian nuts and fruits delivered fresh from the Noosa Chocolate Factory. Be sure to try our fresh rocky road!

The year was 2009 and the idea of creating a small local chocolate factory was born in the minds of the Thomson Family. The concept: steering away from heavy, sweet, processed European style chocolate and focusing on where it all begins, the cocoa bean.

Noosa Chocolate Factory style of chocolate is unique,  all of our focus is on the manufacture of chocolate as best as it can be. Only then do we value add by including nuts and fruit. 

On making our first batches of chocolate in 2009, it was immediately apparent that we had stumbled upon something magical. A Eumundi market stall in Winter 2011  was where our first sale was made and by Summer that year we signed the lease to two stores on Adelaide Street Brisbane.  Our future would be tied to these stores and the daily commute from Noosa to Brisbane, delivering freshly made chocolate would be the task.  It was here that we started meeting a community of very interesting folks with a healthy appetite for great chocolate.

Our first space was in a tiny ex bakery in Noosaville. We started off roasting and winnowing cacao beans, refining and conching our own chocolate, spinning gelato, baking cookies, making hot chocolates, and producing a line of truffles.

Fast forward to the future, with the loyal support of Noosa Chocolate Factory - obsessed customers (thank-you!) we’ve grown to 6 stores, a small chocolate factory, a network of supporters, and a small team of wonderfully talented forever positive staff that we are proud to work along side with.

The love and curiosity of all things chocolate propels us on as we continue to seek out great cacao beans, explore more ingredients, and have nice chats with our regulars and newcomers.

We look forward to meeting everyone. We'll impress you.